A Letter To Our Friends & Clients:

The time has come for us to move on to the next chapter in our life with dogs.We have decided that our breeding program will end this spring, 2016. We had two beautiful litters sired by Cedar Croft Puff Daddy. The first litter with Cedarcroft Blue Sky Day gave us a record litter of 11 puppies. The second with Cedarcroft Miss Gidget Magoo gave us 6 gorgeous solid black puppies.These are among  the best we’ve produced and it is so wonderful to be able to go out on a high note.

Our passion for dogs will continue with fostering, rehabilitation and training of dogs in our local shelters.

Our commitment to all of the puppies we have raised and their owners continues for the life of those dogs and, in most cases, beyond as we have made many lifelong friends in our years as German Shepherd Dog breeders.

Sincere thanks to all of you for trusting and believing in us. Please keep in touch with us by visiting & posting on our Facebook page: Cedar Croft German Shepherds  https://www.facebook.com/cedarcroftgermanshepherds/?ref=hl

All the best to you,

Kelly & Gary



We are a small, professional breeder of CKC registered German Shepherd puppies;  Specializing in Solid Black German Shepherds as well as traditional black & tan.We breed North American bloodlines specifically for great health and longevity, easy, trainable temperament and correct structure. Our dogs have lower drive which make them ideal for a family and home environment. Our breeding dogs are free from hip/elbow dysplasia and all puppies are guaranteed. We go the extra mile when it comes to the care and raising of our puppies. We're committed to raising the best puppies and placing them in the best homes.

Our dogs are bred to be intelligent, genetically strong, and willing to please; so they are eager to learn. His or her natural instinct responds to protect you and your family, as every good shepherd should. This is a dog that will love to play with you, take care of you, follow you around the house or yard and above all just be your friend. 

We hand raise our puppies from day one; we pick them up, handle them and play with them. They receive all necessary veterinary care to ensure that they are in perfect health.
Total trust and confidence is instilled in every single one of our dogs. 
We keep our puppies for a minimum of seven to eight weeks to ensure that total socialization has been successfully achieved.